Denise Murray - Real Estate Bio

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Denise is  an Experienced Realtor, Air Force Veteran, SC Notary. She is also a wife, mother, a youth mentor,  adventurer, and a server.  She loves nature and takes pride in serving each of her clients.  


  Denise grew up in a small town where strong work ethics were instilled in her at an early age.  Growing up, she believed that home-ownership was for the well-to-do and that it was an impossibility for her family.  

She watched as her mom struggled to pay rent for homes that were not always in the best condition, stress over the thought of the rent increasing, and having to move unexpectedly because the landlord wanted to sell the home, or reclaim it.  There were too many uncertainties at the mercy of the landlords. 


After graduating from High School, Denise joined the Air Force where her eyes were opened to a whole new world. Almost everyone knew about or had experienced home-ownership.  The idea of being a home-owner ignited a fire in her.  
She continued to think of how she educate the people in her hometown about how they could become home-owners.  She felt so strongly about it that she decided that after fulfilling her military obligation, she would begin a career in Real Estate.  Her mission would be to educate and help make home-ownership possible for anyone who desired it.
In 2003, after separating from the military, Denise became a licensed Real Estate Agent.  While she enjoys working with both buyers and sellers, what brings her absolute joy is sitting at the closing table with a first-time home-buyer.